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Application Instructions

ECOMOSAIK panels can be applied easily. You dont need to be an expert to bring exotic look into your home. ECOMOSAIK panels are so natural and they are suitable for use in indoor environments. They can be applied to masses of walls, ceilings and even light traffic floorings.
Here is the installation guide to apply the panels :

Ecomosaik Coconut Shell Tiles can be applied on:

  • Floor resurfacing
  • Wall resurfacing
  • Furniture industry

This is a natural product designed for interior use. In humid environments, the use of a waterproofing agent is recommended. Ecomosaik tiles are suited for floors with low and medium traffic, and are not designed for use as paving on public paths. Ecomosaik tiles should not be applied in areas that are in direct or frequent contact with water.

The applications of the Ecomosaik tiles are simple, clean and quick. It is recommended that the application to be done by a professional.

Preparation of the surface: The surface where the Ecomosaik tiles are going to be applied must be perfectly leveled and dry; leaving barely the height of the products added around 1.5mm for the glue. The surface must be completely dry; otherwise humidity will evaporate through the coconut shell and may form stains. In case the surface’s humidity is above 2%, it may be necessary to apply some type of treatment to decrease humidity. Please check the instructions of the selected glue from the recommended adhesives.

Preparation of the Ecomosaik tiles : The Ecomosaik tiles should be unpacked and left opened for at least 48 hours in a room before installation and on the last 2 hours the room  temperature should be higher than 15oC. Before starting the application, the Ecomosaik tiles should be at room temperature of at least 2 hours. Ecomosaik tiles should be perfectly clean and dry. If needed to rectify the size of an Ecomosaik tile, use a wood circular saw.

NOTE: If the Ecomosaik tiles were stored or exposed during transport to low temperatures, Ecomosaik tiles may bow and lose flexibility. After returning to its normal temperature (above 15oC) the Ecomosaik tiles will become flexible and the curvature will disappear. If needed, the Ecomosaik tiles can be placed near a heater to regain or add their flexibility.

Gluing the Ecomosaik tiles : The recommended adhesives are as follows :
- LATICRETE 310 Epoxy

Please observe the adhesive’s applying instructions. The glue should be spread on the surface on a continuous and uniform way with a spatula with large teeth of approx. 3-4mm high. See timings and application instructions prescribed by the respective manufacturers.

How to apply the Ecomosaik tiles: Apply the Ecomosaik tiles on the surface and level the tiles carefully one by one with the palm of your hand. If needed a rubber mallet can be gently and carefully used to help bring the Ecomosaik tiles together. In each Ecomosaik tile that will join another, a thin cord of carpenter glue should be applied on the edge. Glue the Ecomosaik tiles together by pressing them gently against each other. Wipe the excess of carpenter glue off with a wet cloth. Only by following this procedure will it be possible to achieve the final joint-less surface. To assure a perfect job one should:

  • Respect the alignment of the tiles 
  • Always apply the carpenter glue on the edges as described above
  • Assure the perfect leveling of the tiles through the leveling of the surface
  • Cleaning during the application: Immediately wipe the excess glue off with a wet cloth before it dries to prevent it from hardening to the Ecomosaik tiles.

Drying: After the application of the glue to the Ecomosaik tiles they must dry according to the glue’s manufacturer instructions. The drying time will depend on weather conditions and of the type of adhesive’s used.


Floor’s finishing and maintenance
Dry areas : The finishing process has 2 phases and aims to achieve 2 goals. The 1st finishing aim is to protect the Ecomosaik tiles and to assure its long lasting life. (Mandatory on floor surfaces) The periodic maintenance aims to keep the characteristics of the 1st finishing (mandatory on floor surfaces)

First finishing :

  • Surface must be completely clean
  • Apply a hydro repellent. The recommended products are:
  • HP98 from FILA
  • In case you intend to have more colour and contrast on the surface, a wet wax (TASKI JONTEC TIMESAVER from JOHNSON) can be applied.
  • Alternatively varnish can also be applied

Periodic Maintenance :

  • Hydro repellent’s characteristics and instructions should be observed. It should be applied accordingly with the time schedules prescribed by the manufacturer. (usually on an annual basis) 
  • The same procedures will apply in the use of varnish

Humid areas : In high humidity areas it is necessary to seal the pavement with the application of an epoxy varnish.

Wall’s Finishing and Maintenance

Dry Areas : There is no need of a specific finishing with the exception of walls exposed to direct sunlight. In this case the application of a UV protection material is recommended since that long sun exposure can alter the products color. In case you intend to have more color and contrast on the surface, a wet wax (TASKI JONTEC TIMESAVER from JOHNSON) can be applied. Varnish can also be applied.

Humid Areas : A hydro repellent should be applied in moderate humid areas. The recommended products are:

  • HP98 from FILA

In high humidity areas the product should be sealed with an epoxy varnish.


During work with the Ecomosaik tiles they should be kept clean. Use a wet cloth whenever needed. The pavement should be always kept clean. Clean it on a regular basis with a mop or vacuum cleaner. Washing, when needed, must be done with clear water or with a neutral detergent like TASKI JONTEC No1 (JOHNSON) or FILA Cleaner (FILA) diluted with clear water (See manufacturer’s instructions)


Our Technical Department is at your service for any additional information

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