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About Ecomosaik Tile


coconut_treesIn ECOMOSAIK our raw materials (shells) and the supporting materials (glue) are all environmentally friendly and do not cause damage to the ecosystem. Waste shells from copra mills and waterbase glue do not contain harmful substances or cause pollution.
Ecomosaik produces 100% manually. We start the process of cleaning the shells and preparing the surface of the shells. Cutting, shaping and assembly of shells follow after. The process can take a long time and requires many laborers to produce our tiles . Ecomosaik gives employment for the local people around the factory. This aids the government in reducing unemployment, and benefits those in poverty. In Indonesia the shells are mostly used as charcoal or for incense and mosquito coils. Now through Ecomosaik the shells can be transformed into beautiful designs for both interior and exterior. Coconut shells are a naturally hard material and retain their strength against fungi and insects. This makes them a suitable choice for both floor and wall coverings. The price is affordable without compromising on quality.

ECOMOSAIK means Ecological Mosaic Tiles.
ECOMOSAIK use of waste materials and water-based glue for producing tiles as this respects the environment.
ECOMOSAIK is the best solution for design and architecture of green projects.


Use of Natural Materials 
ECOMOSAIK products contain only natural materials and water-based glue for the assembling.

Preservation of the Environment 
ECOMOSAIK offer exceptional green solutions as we use waste coconut shells that are provided from coprah factories. This means our products are ecologically sustainable.

ECOMOSAIK tiles are very strong and durable. Coconut shells offer a strong surface and are naturally very resistant against insects and organic decomposition.

ECOMOSAIK offer new ways for designers and architects as the texture and the colours of our tiles are so completeand so different. There is no limit for creating a spectacular and natural green environment for indoor and outdoor project

100% Natural Mosaic Tiles
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